Our Team

Allah Rakha
PhD (Forensic Medicine/Genetics)

Dr. Rakha is Associate Professor and head of forensic team at University of Health Sciences, Lahore. He completed his doctorate from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xian with shared supervision from University of Central Lancashire, UK in 2008. After doctorate, he joined Younsei University, school of medicine as postdoc fellow till 2010. He started applied forensics as Forensic DNA expert by joining National Forensic Science Agency, National Police Bureau, Islamabad, Pakistan. In 2011, he joined University of Health Sciences, Lahore and started academic/research programs in Forensic medicine and forensic genetics. In 2016, he was awarded second postdoc from Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research areas of interest include analysis of biomarkers for postmortem interval, novel markers for human identification, phylogenetics and Forensic DNA phenotyping.

Email. forensic@uhs.edu.pk

Saadia Noreen
M. Phil (Molecular Medicine) Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim -Norway

Saadia is Senior Laboratory Manager and PhD candidate at department of Forensic Sciences, University of Health Sciences, Lahore. Her Research interest is in genetics and epigenomics to predict quantitative traits, and SNP profiling. Currently, she is working on DNA phenotyping of ear morphology.

Email. saadia@uhs.edu.pk

Shahid Nazir
M. Phil (Forensic Sciences) University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS)

Shahid is Lecturer and PhD scholar at the department of Forensic. He is former Forensic Scientist at Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA). His previous work experiences include clinical diagnostics, crime scene investigation, latent fingerprint analysis, forensic biology and genetics. Currently, he is working on RM-YSTRs profiling in deep rooted pedigrees for its applications in forensic case work.

Email. s.nazir@uhs.edu.pk

Muhammad Jawad
M. Phil (Molecular Biology) Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB), University of the Punjab – Pakistan

Jawad is PhD candidate in the field of Forensic Sciences (Genetics). He has completed his post-graduation in Molecular Biology with research focus on computational drug designing and worked on identification of novel anti-inflammatory agents via QSAR analysis and structure/ligand based virtual screening. His research interests include; Genotyping, DNA Phenotyping, Genomics and Human Anthropology. Currently, he is working on DNA phenotyping of male facial hair patterns.

Email. m.jawad@uhs.edu.pk

Zeenat Salah Ud Din
M.Phil. (Forensic Science) University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) – Pakistan

Zeenat is doing her Ph.D. in Forensic Sciences. She has completed her post-graduation in Forensic Science with research focus on DNA quantification of bloodstains recovered from washed fabrics. Currently she is a visiting scholar at Penn State University, USA completing her Ph.D.research work under Prof. Mark Shriver.

Email. z.salahuddin@uhs.edu.pk

Haroon Rasheed
MS Bioinformatics

Haroon Rasheed is Grad student of COMSATS University of Informaiton Technology, Ialamabad and internee at Department of Forensic Sciences, University of Health Sciences, Lahore. He is ambitious to develop computational tools and databases for Forensic queries. Development of mtDNAMap resource and ForenPopStat are his recent developments in Forensic Informatics.

Email. haroonrasheed2636@gmail.com

Ammar Sabir Cheema
BS Bioinformatics

Ammar is M.Phil. scholar at department of Bioinformatics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. He is working in the domain of Sequencing Data Analysis and Forensic Genomics. His recent research activities include development of mtVarCaller.

Email. ascheema@bs.qau.edu.pk

Zunaira Batool
BS. Bioinformatics

Zunaira Batool has joined Department of Forensic Sciences as M. Phil student under the supervision of Dr. Allah Rakha after completing BS. Bioinformatics from COMSATS University Islamabad (Sahiwal Campus). Zunaira is focused on applications of bioinformatics in forensic sciences and his recent collaborations in this domain are the data curation for development of database for SARS CoV-2 mutations.