DNA inquiries mainly involve two phases; the formation of DNA profiles from biological specimens and the elucidation of the evidential weight given by these DNA profiles. Prior knowledge about the DNA markers for a relevant population sample is required to correctly estimate the representative weight of DNA evidence. Important properties that should be studied are, for example, how frequently certain DNA-variants (i.e. alleles) occur in the population, the differences in such frequencies between subpopulations, expected inheritance patterns of the DNA markers within a family and the forensic efficiency of the DNA markers in casework.

In order to calculate general parameters of population data here is presented a very comprehensive tool “ForenPopStat”. This tool is implemented using Python 3 that is very easy to use and very powerful programming language. The required parameters from autosomal STRs, Y chromosomal STRs, and mitochondrial haplotypic data can be calculated by this tool. It can efficiently estimate the expected and observed homo- and heterozygosity, Match Probability (PM), Power of Discrimination (PD) and Polymorphism Information Content (PIC) from the autosomal STR data. From mitochondrial data, single nucleotide polymorphisms data can be used to calculate a number of haplotypes, Random Match Probability (PM), Haplotype Diversity and Discriminating Power. Similarly, the same parameters, as those for mtDNA, can also be calculated from the Y-STRs. This tool has easy to use interface and taking input as an excel file (“.xlsx”) makes it very reliable for low-tech users.